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"Sam's music augments the whole experience in the same way that the sound track of truly great cinema does and you are left feeling that you have just watched a full length feature but after only 4 or so minutes." Caede Baerone, Production Engineer.

Sam took to music from a very young age and began composing at the age of 10. He began his formal music education at the Royal Welsh College of Music Junior Department and then moved on to study at Chetham's School of Music. From there he completed his undergraduate degree at the Royal College of Music, London. Following this, Sam went on to study at the University of South Wales, Cardiff, where he completed his postgraduate degree in Songwriting & Music Production. In 2018 he graduated with distinction. Sam is an Apple certified Logic Pro X professional.

Sam has a distinct composition style. His broad knowledge of traditional orchestral instrumentation and keen interest in electronic music allow him to merge the two styles, creating something fresh and interesting. 

Sam has worked on many exciting projects. He composed the soundtrack and designed the sounds for the mobile video game, GLADYATOR, an exciting AR card game based in the Roman Era. He composed the music and designed the sound to multi award winning short animation, Birthday, a touching story of passion and friendship. His other projects include working alongside abstract artist and film maker Green Box Yellow Shoes, charities such as Groundwork South Wales on their Wood2Work campaign and Celsa Steel Works on their promotional campaign. Sam is also an active composer for music sync libraries and an accomplished songwriter and producer. 

Sam has had his work used in various countries across the globe. These include the United Kingdom, Spain, Italy, India and Malaysia. Some of his TV credits include the BBC, Channel 5 and MTV.

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